Individual Therapy


(California Only)

Please note, I am on a leave of absence until further notice.

I love working individually with adult men  and women. The first step is to create a safe and trusting relationship  within which we can work together to solve problems and locate areas of  the heart that need healing. We will set up a regular time that belongs  just to you and collaborate to bring up and heal the areas of your life  that feel hurt or stuck. I have seen amazing results from clients who  commit to this process of self-discovery.

At this time, I am offering individual therapy, only. I may add other services in the future, as time permits.

Please contact me to set up a complementary phone consultation.

Tips for Dealing With Betrayal


  1. Validate to yourself that you are going through a crisis.
  2. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself.
  3. Tell yourself that you are not “stupid.”  There is no shame in having trusted someone.
  4. Seek support. It is vital to know that you  are not alone. 
  5. Talk about it to people you feel safe with.  If you do not have anyone, find a supportive counselor, therapist, or  group.
  6. Remind yourself that you will get through this in time.
  7. Write in a journal. Let your feelings  out. Express yourself.
  8. Write letters but don’t send them. Write  uncensored angry  letters. You have every  right to feel angry. You have every  right to  feel hurt. Write your  heart. Write as much as you need, but  don’t send  anything. This is for you.
  9. Keep your daily routine.
  10. Exercise.
  11. Cry.
  12. Spend time alone.
  13. Spend time with safe others.
  14. Allow yourself to grieve. 

Do not:

  1. Seek  revenge. (You can fantasize about it,  but don’t do it!)
  2. Act  out violently. This will only hurt you  more.
  3. Keep trying  to make the person see your point of view if he or she won't or can't.
  4. Involve your children in your anguish, or try to get them to take your  side, if this is a marital issue—even if you are right.
  5. Keep trying  to get validation from the person who hurt you.
  6. Harm  yourself in any way.